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Owner, Paula Henry in one of her salons with the Mayoress of Bury.

"My hair had been receding since my late 20’s which is something I thought I would have to live with as I didn’t want to have an intrusive and expensive hair transplant. I was told of the hair replacement system procedure by a friend so I decided to into having it done. I literally watched dozens of videos on YouTube and spoke to people on forums who had had a system fitted before I committed to it. I had a free consultation and to look at this, the pointcolour was matched to my natural remaining hair. I was still apprehensive about proceeding with it, right up to the day of the fitting. I needn’t have worried about this as Paula is an experienced barber and an expert in this field as well. I was put at ease from the start and she talked me through exactly what was involved in the fitting and the aftercare (which is minimal). After a couple of hours, my look was completely transformed. I have had so many positive comments since it was fitted, with people telling me how natural it looks and how it has taken many years off me, which is a brilliant compliment you never tire of hearing! It has massively boosted my confidence and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks again to Paula and her team."

Paul, Radcliffe, April 2018


Paula - Owner and Head Stylist

" I have been in the hairdressing industry 30 years and owned my own business in the male sector for 20 years. I have grown my business to 5 branches during my career and have now migrated towards Hair Systems after seeing many men were losing their hair at an early age and how it has affected them. 


At Thatch, we are passionate not only about the AMAZING RESULTS we get but the effects it has on our customers inside and out. The transformation of our customer's confidence and self-esteem makes our work so rewarding.


We really do care and want each of our customers to leave happy in the knowledge that we are there for any concerns or questions they might have along the way, we are not just a high street retailer that will take your money and send you on your way, we are here to hold your hand in the early days for any questions or concerns you may have.


We can honestly say we have never had a customer decide not to stay with us or have their hair system removed which I think speaks volumes about our customer service.


We use only the finest hair & products.

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