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Our Hair Systems

Paula Henry (Owner & Founder)


"Having run multiple barber shops for many years now, it made sense for us to expand into Thatch Hair Systems to provide stunning hair systems. Clients have a comfortable hair system that looks 100% natural and allows them to combat hair loss."


Our Hair Systems

100% Non Surgical, Natural Looking Hair System

Men nowadays are looking for a solution to cover up hair loss. Surgical procedures like full hair transplants can be invasive very expensive, with the risk of permanent scarring on the head or nerve damage. On top of that, quite often the results don't always match expectations with some treatments unable to provide even hair growth across the head, leaving some with patchy or bald spots.


Having an integrated hair system for those that are self-conscious or just want to look good all year round can restore confidence and allow men of all ages to lead a normal healthy life.


Our integrated hair replacement systems are bespoke to your hair needs. They can cover the recession areas solely, a thining crown or a full head.


Each system is individually colour matched to your own hair, this means if you have grey content your new hair system will have an identical percentage of grey hair to match making it undetectable.



The hair systems look 100% natural and will appear like the hair is growing out of the scalp thus creating the look of an undetectable hair system to the naked eye.


There is no need to change your lifestyle if you're an active individual, our systems are lightweight and breathable, just like normal hair. They are also waterproof making them ideal for exposure to water and swimmers


'Thatch' provides a complete fitting service along with regular maintenance for your hair system. We are industry experts and we work with men's hair every single day.

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